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Fitness Instructor Insurance protects your business from lawsuits, accidents, and third-party property damage. With Insurance Canopy, independent fitness instructors and small health and fitness business owners can assess the specific risks associated with their type of fitness business and match their liability insurance coverage to their needs. Check out our fitness instructor insurance policies for pricing, coverage options, and accessibility.

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Affordable Insurance for Fitness Instructors

However you train, we're here to help you get the right policy that works for you.

Don’t see yourself listed? Don’t worry, our experienced agents may still be able to tailor a policy for your specific needs.
A trainer exercises on the floor in a gym. He can focus on his workout with the knowledge that he has fitness instructor insurance.
Get Necessary Coverage

Insurance Canopy provides all kinds of fitness instructors with the coverage they need to continue training clients and helping them meet their health and wellness goals. Most insurance companies currently make you purchase coverages separately, while we offer a combination of both General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. You’ll have the coverage you need to build your business, grow your clientele, and protect your assets.

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A woman squats a large barbell. If something goes wrong, she'll be covered with fitness instructor insurance.
Choose Your Payment Plan

Interested in breaking up your fitness instructor insurance cost into monthly payments? You can do just that when purchasing a policy from us. We want to be as flexible as we can for you so we offer an annual policy that starts at $129 and you can break it up into monthly payments that start at just $12.50. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need to

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From above, feet in gym shoes stand in front of a plate weight. This gym's trainer is covered with fitness instructor insurance.
Leverage Our Professionals

When you purchase liability insurance for your fitness business, you want to be sure you’re getting help from professionals in the industry. Our agents have over a decade of experience in the insurance world and can get you coverage tailored specifically to your business.

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Questions about Fitness Instructor Insurance

Fitness Instructor Insurance is a combination of insurance coverages that may financially protect your business against the fallout associated with a lawsuit. No matter the type of fitness instructor you are, Insurance Canopy has the best Fitness Instructor Insurance available for you. We currently offer policies for

If you don’t see your specific training listed, then you likely qualify for a general Personal Trainer Insurance policy. Contact us regarding any questions you have.

If you train, teach a class, or guide any workout or other fitness routine as a business, then you likely need Fitness Instructor Insurance to protect your assets and ensure the ability to work in other facilities.

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Insurance for your fitness business can face many common claims such as slip-and-fall incidents or negligence claims that you cause a client bodily harm. With general and professional liability coverage you could be protected against having to battle a claim yourself.

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Insurance Canopy offers various liability insurance policies for fitness instructors and teachers. Our policies start at just $129 a year or $12.50 a month. You have the option to choose either an annual or monthly payment plan.

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The amount of coverage you need may vary based on the niche your product is in. The industry standard is a $1 million dollar per occurrence limit with a $2 million dollar general aggregate limit. Depending on your sales, assets, or contractual insurance requirements our licensed agents can include excess and umbrella policies as well.

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