Art Vendor Insurance

Unfortunately, artists, crafters, and vendors alike face many risks when attending art events, art festivals, farmers’ markets, craft fairs, and more. From the possibility of a slip-and-fall incident in your event booth to weather blowing your tent and causing damage, as an artist or crafter, you should be aware of what risks you face and be prepared with the proper coverages.
Art Vendor Insurance (aka artist insurance or vendor liability insurance) is designed to protect artists, crafters, and other art vendors from liability claims caused by their art booth operations during an event. In many cases you might be required to obtain insurance before you can become an art vendor at an event. We’ve protected thousands of vendors with Art Vendor Liability Insurance to be able to operate at art events.
Insurance Canopy offers Annual Art Vendor policies and Show Art Vendor policies for those who attend fewer events throughout the year.

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Who Qualifies?

Don’t see yourself listed? Don’t worry, our agents may still be able to tailor a policy specific to your needs.
A crowded artist booth is at an event

Understand and Meet Event Requirements

Navigating the many fairs, festivals, markets, and shows you attend can get complicated when they each have different booth and insurance requirements. Did you know most art events require you to carry Vendor Insurance? Renting a booth at one of these events means you’re handling products, running payments, and interacting with many people. Without the right coverage, like vendor liability insurance, you could be facing a preventable lawsuit.
A Crafter with a computer orders an online insurance policy.

Purchase a Policy and Access Proof of Insurance Online in Minutes

Getting your business insured has become so much easier and convenient. If you meet the requirements, you can purchase your policy within a few minutes and access your customer portal where you can print out proof of insurance or submit claims at any time.
An event organizer directs staff members.

Easily Add Promoters or Event Organizers to Be Protected on Your Policy

With this policy, you will be able to add event promoters or organizers as an Additional Insured (AI), which will offer them the same protection under your policy if the worst-case scenario happened. Many events will require you to do this and if it is not required it can provide added protection to your event organizer or promoter against lawsuits at no additional cost.

Questions About Art Vendor Insurance

Art Vendor Insurance is designed to protect you against third-party claims that arise out of your business operations while attending an art event such as an art festival, art show, farmers’s market, or other art event where you are selling your artwork.

Depending on which policy you purchase, this insurance protects you against a few types of liability which include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents in your booth
  • An item you display falls and hurts a child
  • Harm done by consumption of your goods (Annual Policy Only

Insurance Canopy offers two different types of Art Vendor Insurance policies--event based and annual policies. If you are someone who attends a few shows a year then a Show policy would be better suited for you, whereas if you attend at least five shows a year an Annual policy would work best for you. The Annual policy can cover your product as long as at least 80% of your products are hand-made by you.

Plus, with Annual Art Vendor Insurance you have the option to add Cyber Liability Insurance which offers you optimal coverage against data breaches, phishing scams, malware attacks, and much more. You can learn more about it here.

Depending on whether you pursue your art full-time, you may or may not consider yourself a small business owner. But you are, and as a small business owner you need to put up the correct safety nets that could catch you if anything were to happen during an art event. With Art Vendor Insurance, you’re not alone in facing any potential lawsuits and are able to expand your business.

With Show Art VendorInsurance, you get the necessary coverage to sell your products at your next art festival, show, market, or fair. Insurance Canopy’s show policy offers you short-term general liability insurance with your own certificate of insurance.

Show Art Vendor Policy Benefits:

  • Short-term general liability
  • 1-90 day policy options
  • Coverage for single events

Click Here to see the full coverage details.

Annual Art Vendor Insurance from Insurance Canopy provides you with coverage for your supplies, equipment, and products and completed operations. This policy allows you to sell your products at art events and online.

Annual Policy Benefits:

  • General liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Coverage against online sales risks
  • Protects supplies, equipment, & inventory
  • Option to add Cyber Liability

Our policies provide each insured their own certificate of insurance with dedicated liability limits. Your limits will vary slightly depending on whether you have an Event Policy or an Annual Policy.

Click Here to see the full coverage details.

If your small business does business online then you need Cyber Liability Insurance. Cyber security has become a major concern for businesses in recent years. If your business virtually collects or stores any information—even if it’s just payment information—then you are at risk for phishing scams, data breaches, malware attacks, and other cyber liability. This is important for artists who use portable card readers such as Square or if you take payments through your own portal. With the number of cyber crime cases increasing every year, it’s crucial to protect yourself and your customers.

You can protect your business from the cost of techno-burglary by adding Cyber Liability Insurance to your Annual Art Vendor Insurance. If your business information is ever stolen or compromised as a result of cyber crime, you could be protected from paying the thousands of dollars that your business would legally be responsible for.

Yes! If you’re looking to sell your artwork, craft, or other handmade items at an art event near you, you need Art Vendor Insurance. Art Vendor Insurance is often even required by a show or event promoter where you’ll also be asked to list the promoter as an Additional Insured. Aside from meeting requirements, you will face risks like your vendor tent blowing over from the wind and injuring a passerby, or someone tripping and falling in your booth resulting in an injury. Art Vendor Insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you could be protected in cases like these.

A Show Art Vendor Insurance policy starts at $49. An Annual Art Vendor Insurance policy starts at $265.

Insurance Canopy is dedicated to providing artists and crafters with the insurance coverage they need to continue doing what they love. We’re here to help answer your questions and address your concerns when it comes to your business insurance.