Lawn Care Insurance

Lawn care businesses specializing in mowing, trimming, or general lawn maintenance need protection. Our Lawn Care Insurance is the protection for your equipment and your business. We provide lawn care professionals with affordable and convenient insurance. With a completely online quote process, obtaining insurance for your lawn care business has never been easier.
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Why Choose Canopy Lawn Care Insurance?
  • A+ Rated
    Our policies offer two types of payment plans for your convenience while you rake in the savings with a combined general and professional liability policy. Payment plans start at $28/ month and $336/ year.
  • Affordable
    Rated by AM Best. Mow easy knowing your business is backed by top-rated protection.
  • Accessible
    Enjoy 24/7 access to your account and policy documents from your online portal.
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Types of Coverage
Lawn Care Insurance through Insurance Canopy offers lawn care professionals:
  • General Liability Insurance
    Third-party bodily injury and property damage claims are common claims in the lawn care industry. Protect your business with general liability coverage.
  • Unlimited Additional Insureds
    Some locations or venues may require you to list them as an additional insured on your insurance policy. Insurance Canopy allows unlimited additional insureds at no extra cost.
  • Customizable Coverage Options
    We understand that you have unique business needs, that is why we offer multiple coverage options, including additional general liability coverage, cyber liability coverage, and more.
  • Equipment Coverage
    Your equipment is the heart of your business and can often include a hefty price tag when damaged. We can help with the cost through Equipment Coverage. With general liability limits of $2M, you can feel confident that your business is protected.
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5 Simple Steps to Obtain Lawn Care Business Insurance
  1. Log in or create an account on Insurance Canopy
  2. Click “Add a policy”
  3. Select “Lawn Care Policy”
  4. Select the coverages you wish to include in your policy
  5. Purchase your policy and enjoy instantaneous protection for your lawn care business
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Equipment Coverage
As a business owner, you are dedicated to creating a positive experience for your customers. As your insurance provider, we are dedicated to creating a positive experience for you. This includes mitigating or even eliminating the cost of replacing or repairing stolen or damaged equipment. By adding equipment coverage to your policy, you can take away the monetary stress of funding damaged equipment. This additional coverage can be added at any time to your current or future policy.

Questions About Lawncare Insurance

Lawn Care Insurance is liability insurance specifically designed to financially protect a lawn care business in the event that it faces a third-party liability claim as a result of its business operations.

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Lawn care businesses face a unique set of risks every day. As a lawn care business owner, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of injury or property damage at a job site. In the event of a lawsuit, attorney’s fees and judgement costs can financially cripple or derail a business. Lawn Care Insurance can protect a lawn care business if something ever goes wrong.

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The starting price for Lawn Care Insurance can be as low as $336 for one year of coverage or $28 per month. For that price, lawn care businesses can protect themselves with up to $1 million in general liability coverage should an accident occur.

Additional coverage options are also available and can be included in a Lawn Care Insurance plan according to business’ needs, like cyber liability. The prices of these additional coverage options are available on the Lawn Care Insurance application.

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Equipment coverage can protect you from the cost of replacing or repairing equipment that is damaged or stolen. When filing a claim for stolen equipment, you must be able to show proof of theft.

Without your equipment, it can be difficult to run your business efficiently. By adding equipment coverage to your policy, you can have peace of mind as you run your business. Without the worry of paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacements, your business can thrive.